Former leader Sowon indirectly confirmed that GFRIEND was forced to disband? 

Sowon recently opened up about what happened behind GFRIEND’s disbandment nearly a year ago. 

GFRIEND announced to disband when their popularity was at its peak in May 2021. To this day, the sudden disbandment of one of the top 3rd generation girl groups remains a big mystery for the Kpop community. No longer being able to see GFRIEND together leaves fans heartbroken. Although there are many rumors about what caused GFRIEND to disband, it is difficult to confirm which is the truth unless the members speak up themselves.

Amid the peak of their popularity, GFRIEND suddenly announced to disband in May 2021

Not long ago, an ex-member of GFRIEND, VIVIZ’s SinB, revealed that the group did not know MAGO would be their last song. The members themselves only knew about the disbandment a month before fans did. They all cried and had so many regrets. What SinB shared has made fans even more skeptical about the real reason for GFRIEND‘s split. 

SinB, though known to have a strong personality, teared up when talking about GFRIEND

Recently, when appearing in the April 2022 issue of magazine Big Issue and being asked about GFRIEND, former leader Sowon (now active as actress Kim Sojung) said: “Neither I nor the members consider this a complete disbandment. However, I did go through a hard time dealing with what happened. The news was very sudden.”

Sowon went on to express her regret that GFRIEND could not continue activities as a group, saying, “I always wanted to become an actress, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it right away. Following the disbandment, I was very upset, but I have to move on and walk down my own path. I couldn’t feel down for too long. It did take me a long time to accept the truth. And after a year, the members and I have come to accept it and adjusted to the current situation. Actually, I think I’m the one who had the toughest time getting used to this whole thing.”

After SinB, it was Sowon’s turn to open up about GFRIEND’s disbandment, stating that it “came all of a sudden” 

Obviously, SinB and Sowon both confirmed that GFRIEND‘s disbandment was an event that was not planned by the members and the group only knew about it not long before the media reported it. Although not directly mentioning the reason behind, anyone can implicitly understand that the management company has decided to disband GFRIEND suddenly and hastily.

After many shares from the members themselves, fans are convinced that it was Source Music that forced GFRIEND to disband

Source Music‘s method made not only fans but also netizens extremely angry because it was GFriend who brought the company out of the basement.

  • SinB once said that GFRIEND has cried all the tears of her life.
  • Pity them. Just listening to the members share is to know how sad the group was at that time.
  • They suddenly announced the disbandment while previously still arranging schedules for the group. They were not even able to release a goodbye album
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