Following Yoo Ah-in, Will Lee Sun-kyun Be Boycotted By Advertising Industry?

Famous movie star L, who is being investigated on charges of drug use, has been found to be actor Lee Sun-kyun

The question being raised is if the advertising industry has already begun to “boycott Lee Sun-kyun.

Lee Sun-kyun was the model for the supplement brand CellMed, but his image has disappeared from their website and ads.

Lee Sun-kyun

On October 20th, The Fact reported that the slogan that appeared when searching for “CellMed” on the portal site had changed from “Lee Sun-kyun chose CellMed” to “1:1 Nutrious CellMed.” Regarding the change in their advertisements, media outlets contacted the company to ask about contract termination, but did not receive any answers.

Lee Sun-kyun

In addition, last year, SK Telecom and SK Broadband selected the couple Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin as models for their “I Love ZEM” advertisement. On the same day, an official from SK Telecom and SK Broadband said, “Nothing can be confirmed at the moment, and it is difficult to confirm because an internal investigation is taking place.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency is expected to be deeply worried.

This is because most companies started “erasing Yoo Ah-in” from advertisements when the actor was previously investigated by police regarding drug use.

Fans and Internet users are paying attention to Lee Sun-kyun’s future situation.

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