SHINee Minho to make solo debut after 14 years, album release in December 

Choi Minho, a member of boy group SHINee, is going solo after 14 years of debut. 

According to a Sports Seoul coverage on November 8th, SHINee Minho will release his first solo album in mid-December and begin his solo career.

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Minho previously released solo songs such as “I’m Home” through “SM Station” in 2019 and “Heartbreak” in December last year. However, it is the first time in 14 years since his debut that the male idol officially released a solo album.

SHINEE minho

As other SHINee members Taemin, Onew, and Key previously showed various personalities through their solo albums, expectations are high on what kind of musical spectrum Minho will express with his first solo album.


Minho made his debut as a member of SHINee in 2008 and released a number of hit songs such as “Replay”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “View”, and “Don’t Call Me”. The male idol is not only active in the music industry, but is also prominent in the acting and entertainment realm. He recently filmed for the Netflix rom-com series “The Fabulous” alongside actress Chae Soo Bin, and the drama is set to air within 2022. 

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