Five highest-rated dramas in the first half of 2023

These five dramas keep viewers on their seats with enticing plots and innovative approaches to familiar themes. 

Red Balloon

Intense confrontation and cheating elevated “Red Balloon” to being one of the most-loved dramas of 2023. Seo Ji Hye leaves a lasting impression and made headlines as a mistress who breaks her best friend’s marriage. The last episode ended with a rating of 11.566% as the mistress wins the day.  

Red Balloon

In approaching the topic of love and lust, the series focuses on the feeling of emptiness and burning jealousy when a person is stuck in their life and feels the constant need to compare themselves with others. They are tugged between beautiful desires and harsh reality. The drama ends shockingly when the villain has the last laugh.

Dr. Romantic Season 3

“Dr. Romantic Season 3” garners huge success when it continues the long-running story at Doldam Hospital through 3 seasons. In the latest season, it recorded the highest rating of 14.8%.

dr romantic

The audience immerses themselves in the personal stories of doctors and patients at the Hospital told in a humorous manner to convey humane and meaningful messages.

Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance” is regarded as one of the most must-watch drama series of 2023. It has been receiving countless praise for the acting of the cast and for its enticing storyline. The drama’s rating is on the rise with each new episode, with the 16th episode recording an all-time high rating of 17.038%.


The romantic comedy drama warms viewers with the healing journey of the main characters told through a fully developed plot dotted with practical details. While the series touches upon various subjects, they are explored in full through equally divided time. Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) and Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) witness a love in bloom while family and school relationships are also explored in-depth.

Doctor Cha

With a final rating of 18.5%, “Doctor Cha” becomes one of the highest-rated dramas in the history of pay TV network in Korea. This figure increased by 2.4% compared to episode 9, and 5 times compared to episode 1.


The drama combines two of the most attention-grabbing elements a TV series can have: medical theme and relationship affairs. The drama approaches cheating through a humorous lens while taking on the medical theme from the perspective of a woman who has been left out of the loop for so long. She has to navigate a new life while dealing with old problems. 

Taxi Driver Season 2

Taxi Driver Season 2” is making waves in and out of Korea, topping the list of well-performing dramas on Good Data Corporation’s weekly ranking. The final episode of season 2 achieved 21.0%, reaching an all-time high rating. It also received an IMDb score of 8.2/10 and 96% on Tomatometers.

Taxi driver 2

The drama vocally condemns unjustifiable crimes and exposes the rigid and flawed legal system of Korea. Most of the events in the drama are based on shockingly real events in Korea that upset the public at the time it happened. The drama reimagines a country where criminals receive their deserved penalties.

Source: hancinema

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