Shocking MGA 2018 setlist: Only 3 idol groups performed in the show

Besides these three idol groups, there are also only a few solo artists and international artists perform on stage. And this fact has created a lot of opposition on social networking sites.

In this evening, MBC Plus Music Awards 2018 (MGA) will officially take place in Korea. This is the first time the awards ceremony held, so many are curious to see if MGA 2018 can deliver impressive differences compared to other awards. But on the eve of the event, the music award made a big controversy as the list of performers was leaked on the Internet.

On the night before the award ceremony, many celebrities and artists have confirmed their presence at MGA 2018, sparking great expectations from the audience for explosive performances. However, it seems that we will only be watching performances of a few artists at the ceremony tonight, while the rest of the artists will just come to receive the award and… watch the stages.

According to a five-page list that is supposed to be the setlist for the show tonight, the number of artists participating in the show is less than… 10 people per group. BTS, TWICE and Wanna One are the only 3 representatives of Kpop to have a stage performance at MGA 2018. In addition, the remaining performers including Ben, Vibe, Celeb Five, boy band from Japan GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, and American singer Charlie Puth.

In a chronological order, here’s a list of all the performances at MGA 2018 tonight (based on the recent setlist leaked):

Celeb Five x Akane Kikaku – “I Wanna Be a Celeb

Charlie Puth – “See You Again

Charlie Puth x Jungkook (BTS) – “We Don’t Talk Anymore

Charlie Puth x BTS – “FAKE LOVE

TWICE – “Heartshaker“, “What is Love“, “Dance the Night Away“, “YES or YES

Wanna One – Tất cả bài hát của các unit, “Light“, “Beautiful

BTS – “Save Me“, “I’m Fine“, “IDOL


Vibe & Ben – “I Can’t“, “Love,ing“, “Please Come Back Again

The setlist of MGA 2018 has quickly created a lot of controversy on the Internet. Many people feel disappointed when their favorite group is not performing, while others are angry when it seems that the organizers are discriminating between the artists.

What do you think of MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards 2018 setlist?

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