Five 4th gen female idols who stun fans with their model-like physiques

These 4th gen female idols have the most impressive physiques.

IVE Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin

Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin are the visual duo of IVE. Standing at the center of the group, Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin always serve gorgeous visuals.

Dubbed the “webtoon main character”, Jang Won Young possesses proportions seen in comics, with a short torso and a small face, a standard of beauty in Korea.

Even Sunmi, with an impressive idol height of 1.66m, once shared: “While standing for an interview with Yu Jin, she is too tall, even when I look down, she is just wearing sandals.”

NewJeans Hyein

NewJeans maknae Hyein is only 15 years old, but already standing at 1.73m tall and potentially growing taller in the future.

NewJeans Hyein

Not only blessed with a great physique and impressive height, each photo of Hyein showcases great potential in fashion, with diverse expressions and a captivating presence. Hyein started gaining modeling experience at the age of 8. Hyein excels not only as an idol but also garners attention on runways and in photoshoots.


Born in Seoul, Korea, Huh Yunjin grew up in New York, USA. Yunjin loves sports like baseball, softball, MMA, and Pilates. Among them, softball is her favorite. Perhaps thanks to her upbringing in the US and her active engagement in sports, she has a true model-like height – 172 cm. On Produce 48, she was ranked 3rd in the visual ranking by trainees.


Huh Yunjin is also nicknamed “Kirin-chan” because of her prominent height (Kirin means giraffe in Korean).

Jeon Somi

Though active as a soloist since 2019, Jeon Somi debuted as part of I.O.I from the show Produce 101 in 2016. Jeon Somi was always a topic of conversation back then because of her beauty and desirable height.

Jeon Somi

During a solo promotion in 2021, Somi revealed she weighed 46.6 kg and stood at 1.72m. Achieving this weight required considerable effort for Somi, enabling her to pull off any outfits to showcase her slim figure and slender legs.

However, this measurement startled many netizens, who thought she was too skinny and worried about her health.

Source: K14.

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