SHINee’s Taemin, Yang Se-jong: Pretty Boys Revealed How To Keep Youthful Looks

SHINee’s Taemin and actor Yang Se-jong revealed their ways to maintain their youthful visuals after being discharged from the military

Taemin reportedly held a press conference for the release of his new mini-album “Guilty” at on the 30th of last month and revealed his secret to maintaining his own “boyish” youthful looks for a long time. Taemin made his debut as a SHINee member in 2008 and has boasted his unique refreshing boyhood for 15 years.

On the secret to maintaining boyish beauty, Taemin said, “I heard that the higher the insulin level, the faster the aging process, so I try to slow it down as much as possible. I try to shield myself from UV rays.” When asked, “Until how old do you think you can maintain the boyish beauty?” “Until 47?” he joked, “I think my boyish looks are around the corner. I think I can keep it for about three more years.” “I want to be a person who encompasses boys and men,” he replied.

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Yang Se-jong also drew attention by saying that he was working on self-management for the Netflix series “Doona!” Yang Se-jong, who was born in 1992, had to look 10 years younger as Won-jun, a college student, in “Doona!” He was actually two years older than Suzy, who was born in 1994, but he had to play a younger role in the drama.

The actor appeared on an episode of the show “Salon Drip 2” of the YouTube channel “TEO universe,” which was released on the 31st of last month. When asked what he particularly cared about while preparing for this work, Yang Se-jong said, “When I see myself after being discharged from the military, I look old, so I asked Doona (Suzy) a lot about how to take care of my skin. I had laser hair removal before I went into the filming and it hurt. He explained, “I put on a mask sheet and took a half bath every night.”

Yang Se-jong added, “Thanks to (Suzy), I also learned how to put on a mask sheet,” and when asked which mask was good, he revealed in detail, “It’s tea-tree masks,” adding, “After 15 minutes of applying the mask, apply lotion.”

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