‘First Virtual K-pop Artist’ APOKI Wants To Enter Billboard Chart Like BTS

Virtual K-pop singer APOKI expressed determination to show her own music color

APOKI, the first virtual K-pop artist, entered the music industry with her first single “GET IT OUT” in February 2021. Although there are more virtual singers now, such as MAVE: and PLAVE, APOKI’s contribution to paving the way for the virtual human market is undeniable.

From a planet resembling Earth, APOKI was interested in Earth’s culture, especially K-pop, so she came here with a strong desire to become a singer. In the third year of her career, APOKI believes that her songs, dances, and artworks have gradually improved and showcased her own color even more. In an interview, she shared, “I hope people can listen to my music and recognize me, like my favorite K-pop artists”.


Unlike her professional appearance on stage, APOKI also attracted fans through regular communication on live broadcasts with her lovely and easygoing personality.

Revealing her affection for BTS and TWICE, APOKI added, “I listen to K-pop a lot and also like other K-pop idols apart from them. I love groups that have unique musical colors”. She also expressed her ambition to have collaborations with K-pop singers and foreign artists in the future.

Recently, various virtual artists have appeared in the music market. Perhaps APOKI was the pioneer in this field. In this regard, she said, “I wanted to gain recognition as a virtual K-pop artist. My goal is to create my own color that makes people realize me, APOKI, when they listen to my songs. In particular, I want to enter Billboard TOP 200”.

Meanwhile, APOKI’s first full album with the double title songs “Hashtaggg” and “Space” are available on all music sites.

Source: Daum

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