FIFTY FIFTY’s CEO, personality testified by a girl group member

Testimony related to CEO Jeon Hong Joon appeared in connection with the lawsuit filed by FIFTY FIFTY (Sio, Saena, Aran, Keena) against their current agency Attrakt.

On July 7th, a comment appeared on a mom cafe saying, “I worked under a three-member vocal group before having a baby.

On this day, commenter A explained, “FIFTY FIFTY’s CEO was our CEO at that time. Even though the company was having a hard time, he paid the bills when we went to events, gave us lessons in acting, Chinese, musical instruments and took care of us like his daughters.”

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She continued, “He always encouraged us by saying that singers only need to sing well. He was really like a father and I was happy to see him doing well. It’s so sad to see him through articles like this.”

Other netizens showed reactions such as “Please post such a comment somewhere. Everyone is on the CEO’s side” and “Oh my god, this is a really great testimony.

A is known to be Kim Min Hee (Mini) from the three-member vocal group “The Lush”.

Kim Min Hee also expressed anger at CEO Jeon Hong Joon’s situation through her Instagram story.

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She revealed KakaoTalk messages she exchanged with CEO Jeon Hong Joon and said, “The boss who only talks about us even when it’s hard for him.

Kim Min Hee confessed, “Everyone under the Oscar Entertainment family contacted me after a long time because they were worried about the boss. Sarah (a member of The Lush) told me that she couldn’t sleep all night.”

In particular, she explained the reason for uploading a post related to CEO Jeon Hong Joon, “I’m so angry that they prepared meticulously to stab him in the back at a time when they’re on a roll, so I want to spread it widely.”

She also captured and uploaded an article related to the “FIFTY FIFTY incident” on her Instagram story, saying, “I’m so upset.”

Kim Min Hee said, “From the beginning of our debut, he always settled our event schedules. Thanks to the boss, I could learn Chinese, learn to act and learn to dance. He recognized me, always trusted and supported me. I’m very grateful.

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She recalled, “The CEO said that we sing very well, we’re kind, we’re like his daughters and singers only need to sing well. He never let us see a single dirty thing during our trainee and singer days (to the extent that I saw a lot of dirty scenes as soon as I got out of the boss’ protection).

Furthermore, Kim Min Hee expressed her full support, “My boss is a good person like a real father. I talked to him on KakaoTalk a few days ago, and he said it’s good to see that Min Hee is living well. I hope it’s resolved well and he gets the compensation he deserves.”

Reading this, netizens left comments such as “The boss is generous. I think this is the end of the game“, “But I wonder if there has ever been such a clear structure of good and evil“, “Looking at how they maintain contact so far, it seems real“…

Source: Wikitree

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