Female K-pop Idol Complained about Fans not Streaming Her Music 

As her music failed to achieve high numbers, a female K-pop idol blatantly expressed her disappointment. 

AleXa, a K-pop idol who debuted as a soloist after gaining attention via the survival program “Produce 48”, recently expressed her disappointment towards fans. 

In particular, AleXa recently released the audio and MV for her latest single, “sick”, on February 24 (KST). However, by February 26, the MV had not reached 100,000 views, and the stream counts on music platforms are also not remarkable. 


As a result, AleXa took to the fan communication platform Bubble to express her disappointment towards fans, saying, “I’m not a numbers person. I’m really not. The superficial things like that don’t bother me. But damn, not even 100k a few days in… I busted my ass for that music video.”

The fact that AleXa complained about fans not streaming her music and MV have garnered huge attention, and so far, her fanbase have shown mixed reactions. 

In particular, while some fans agreed that AleXa deserves better numbers, many contended that the unremarkable achievements had been her agency’s fault. 

As AleXa has not promoted for 2 years, most casual listeners wouldn’t know that she’s having a comeback, and her company has not properly promoted the song, these people stated, at the same time claiming that the fans have done all they could. 

Source: X, Krb 

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