3 Gen 4 female Kpop idols who boasts immense talents yet are criticized for their visuals 

Korean netizens are extremely strict when it comes to the appearances and physiques of female Kpop idols. 

Kpop idols, especially females, are required to always maintain a perfect appearance, and some companies even implement strict diets to control their idols’ weight. As such, when Kpop idols look short of flawless, the public show extremely harsh attitudes, and these 3 female Kpop idols are prime examples. 

Recently, NMIXX Jiwoo became a hot topic for a not-so-positive recent. In particular, Korean netizens comment that Jiwoo looks chubby since debut, and creates a “visual hole” in her group, NMIXX.

Jiwoo boasts sharp facial features as well as powerful vocals and dancing skills. However, many netizens harshly shamed the female idol and said that she needs to manage her body better, otherwise it’d be a “waste of talent”. 

Similar to Jiwoo, IVE Liz also received a lot of harsh comments about her physique. Despite having a cute round face with dimples, the female idol is often called chubby and compared to her fellow group mates. The criticisms have mostly died down with IVE’s new single “After Like”, where Liz is praised for having “good self-management” and looking better after she loses weight. 

When she first debuted with aespa, Giselle was drowned in criticism for her “lacking visuals” compared to other idols under SM Entertainment. She was also accused of having cosmetic surgery, and received harsh comments for her “large waist” despite her perfect body proportions. 

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