It’s a work from 2 years ago… Nam Goong Min’s drama topped Netflix all of a sudden

A 2020 drama starring actor Nam Goong Min topped Netflix’s “TOP 10 series” list.

According to the global OTT platform content ranking site Flix Patrol, “Awaken” ranked first in the TV show category as of Jan 30th.

“Awaken” is a drama that aired on tvN in 2020 (ended on Jan 19th, 2021) and was first released on Netflix on Jan 20th. Although it competed with a number of works that are drawing attention, including “The Glory”, it rose to the top spot in about a week after its release. The fact that it ranked first in a short period of time even though it is not a new work was a notable point.


Not only in Korea but also in Japan, it maintained its high rank after achieving No.1 for 4 consecutive days. In Taiwan, it made a big increase from No.6 to No.2.

“Awaken” is an action murder drama that unveils the secret of events that occurred in a village 28 years ago through a mysterious case that is happening at present. Nam Goong Min received favorable reviews for his portrayal of Do Jung Woo, the leader of a special task force at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency who investigates the mysterious murders.


When “Awaken” aired in November 2020, some viewers complained that they felt tired because of the twisted developments that were not easy to solve at the beginning of the drama. However, the ratings remained stable as people trusted the acting skills and potential of actor Nam Goong Min, who won the title “trustworthy actor” with his amazing performance in previous works.


“Awaken” director Kim Jung Hyun shared, “Nam Goong Min is an actor who can digest the fictional character of the drama with his charms and in his own way”, adding “How the character in the script, which contains only texts, becomes alive and appears in the drama depends on which actor it meets. Nam Goong Min shows the best effect in vitalizing the script. From the perspective of a viewer, I was deeply impressed by how the actor thinks and acts when looking at the overall lines of the drama”.

Meanwhile, Nam Goong Min married model Jin Ah Reum in October last year after 7 years of dating.

Source: Wikitree

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