Fans’ Reaction After YG Extended Trademark Rights For The Name “G-Dragon”

YG Entertainment, whose exclusive contract with G-Dragon recently expired, extended trademark rights for the name “G-Dragon”

On October 12th, Sports Kyunghyang reported exclusively that YG Entertainment submitted an application to extend trademark rights for the name “G-Dragon” last September.

According to the report, the “G-Dragon” trademark, for which the first application was completed in February 2003, had a 10-year validity period. YG Entertainment previously registered an extension for the validity period in February 2013.

After the validity period expired again, they extended it for one more time on September 13rd, 2023.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the re-registration of the “G-Dragon” trademark is expected to be extended.

YG Entertainment’s action garnered attention as G-Dragon’s exclusive contract expired in June. It is known that G-Dragon is in talks to sign with Warner Music.


On September 28th, a foreign media outlet reported that G-Dragon visited the Warner Music Records office in Los Angeles, California, USA. American record label Warner Music Records is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, which is considered one of the “big three” recording companies and the third-largest in the global music industry.

Upon hearing this news, many fans expressed their opinions with comments such as “He can just continue his activities as Kwon Ji-yong“, “YG Entertainment is ugly” and “Even if he appears with a new stage name, he’ll still be extremely popular.

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