Fans Predicted Happy Ending Of “Queen of Tears” With Kim Ji-won’s Pregnancy Due To These Details

With "Queen of Tears" gaining huge popularity, many fans are hoping for a happy ending for the Baek-Hong couple.

The 11th episode of “Queen of Tears,” which aired on April 13, recorded a 18.5% rating on average in the Seoul metropolitan area and 16.8% on average on national households. Due to its popularity since the beginning of the broadcast, various predictions and analysis of future developments of the drama are being posted on YouTube and online communities.

queen of tears kim ji won

Among these, netizens are paying attention to the predictions of Kim Ji-won’s pregnancy. It is speculated that the couple Kim Soo-hyun (Baek Hyun-woo) and Kim Ji-won (Hong Hae-in), who once suffered from miscarriage, will have a baby, which will also help the treatment they gave up. This is because when you become pregnant, your white blood cell levels usually skyrocket. Pregnant women record between 14,000 and 16,000 while the average adult male and female figure is between 4000 and 11,000.

queen of tears

Netizens pay attention to the scene in which Kim Ji-won mentions her white blood cell count to her family in the 13th episode. If pregnant, Kim Ji-won might be able to receive treatment as her levels rise close to normal adults.

Moreover, the 14th episode’s trailer depicts Kim Ji-won continuing her honeymoon mode in Kim Soo-hyun’s officetel, and the line “Is this not a dream and reality?” in an excited voice of joy raises such expectations even more. The fact that writer Park Ji-eun gave most of her previous works with a happy ending also makes fans have more hope for a happy ending for the Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won couple.

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