Fans of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Express Frustration At Stylist Team 

Various comments expressing frustration at Yoona’s stylist, from both Korean and international fans, can be seen

On November 25, photos of Girls’ Generation Yoona at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards were published on the idol-actress’s Instagram, drawing massive attention. 

Here, Yoona can be seen wearing a soft pink dress with slicked-back hair, and looking extremely gorgeous. However, considering that the same hairstyle and make-up layout have been used on Yoona for ages, many fans find the look to be underwhelming, and couldn’t help but express their frustration on the aforementioned Instagram photos. 

im yoon ah

In particular, comments such as “Yoona, please change your stylist”, “Change the stylist team please”, and “Yoona’s (stylist) team is really hopeless” flooded the comment section. Some fans also pointed out how Yoona’s makeup was cakey, the hairstyle is boring, and that her eye bags weren’t even properly covered. 

These reactions have since made it to the Korean forum theqoo, where a topic showing Yoona’s fans’ anger garnered over 80,000 views and over 900 comments. 

im yoon ah

The author of the topic described Yoona’s look at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Award as “a total mess”, claiming that her eyebrows were droopy, her hair looked like it was licked by a cow, and her hairline was untrimmed.

“They constantly gave her jagged makeup, inappropriate skin tone-matching, monotonous and voluminous hair, and unorganized hairline even in pictorials and commercials”, they also wrote, and most people under the comet section also agreed

However, everyone agreed that despite the horrendous hair and makeup, Yoona’s face ended up saving the day. 

Source: theqoo, Instagram

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