Fans Left Puzzled as BABYMONSTER’s Asa Draws Only 6 Emojis for The Group, Leaving Out Ahyeon

Despite BABYMONSTER consisting of seven members, Asa was captured on camera drawing representative animal emojis for only six members. While she meticulously sketched out emojis for Ruka, Asa, Rami, Pharita, and Chiquita, the absence of Ahyeon’s emoji raised eyebrows among fans.

babymonster asa

This comes as a surprise, making fans wonder if Asa was forgetting about Ahyeon, despite the fact that YG Entertainment has consistently affirmed BABYMONSTER’s status as a seven-member group, including Ahyeon.


Recent announcements from YG Entertainment have confirmed Ahyeon’s return to the group after a hiatus due to health concerns. Yang Hyun Suk’s personal revelation regarding Ahyeon’s improved health and her participation in BABYMONSTER’s upcoming comeback has left fans eagerly anticipating her appearance.

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