BTS Jimin, innate modern dance skills that even experts admire… Perfectionist “King of Dance”

BTS Jimin is receiving praise for his innate modern dance skills.

The American Hallyu media outlet Allkpop reported an interview with Oh Joo-yeon, a Professor majoring in modern and ballet dance at San Diego State University, regarding Jimin. Allkpop said, “Jimin is well-lauded for his impeccable dancing and performance prowess on stage. Having majored in various dance genres, his ability to incorporate all the skills into K-pop dance has made him a force to be reckoned with worldwide.”

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According to this media outlet, Professor Oh, author of “K-pop Dance: Fandoming yourself on social media”, described K-pop dance as a genre of modern dance and praised, “In the case of Jimin, he is very good at dancing because he majored in modern dance.”

Jimin, who had excellent dance skills enough to beat adult dancers to win the dance competition when he was in middle school, entered Busan High School of Arts as the top-ranking student after a year of preparation. Afterwards, he debuted as an idol and presented differentiated modern dance performances comparable to an active dancer, drawing a lot of attention every time.

In 2017, Billboard called Jimin “Modern Dance King” and introduced him as “a perfectionist who always is working on himself and trying to move forward in his career”. They praised his solo song “Lie”, “Jimin took things to another level with his expressive delivery of the song’s dramatic choreography, telling a message as much with his body as his vocals.”

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Jimin’s first solo song “Lie” was selected by Rolling Stone India as one of the “8 Unforgettable Contemporary Dance Performances by K-pop Stars”. They wrote, “The choreography for ‘Lie’ blends Jimin’s two greatest strengths, contemporary and popping, to create a hybrid that suits him immensely. With the song being a deeply personal one he wrote himself, the piece is full of pain and sadness and he conveys each of these emotions clearly through his facial expressions–despite being blindfolded for a large portion of the track.”

Indian media outlet OtakuKart praised Jimin, “He is one of the top Male dancers among 3rd gen K-Pop idols. He can totally pull off any dance style, from elegant ones to full-blown hip-hop.” World-renowned choreographer and film director Matthew Bourne also expressed deep interest in Jimin’s modern dance videos.

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Cho Yong-in, director of the Korea Institute of Culture and Arts, took the “Spring Day” stage as an example and praised Jimin for building his own dance area based on modern dance, “It can be said that he was greatly influenced by modern dance, which is his major. The modern dance he learned met K-pop and opened up new possibilities.”

Jimin integrated various genres and completely “Jiminized” them based on classical dance. Not only did he win more than 10 dance-related fan votes by captivating fans around the world with his immersive performances, but he is also recognized as the “King of Dance” representing K-pop in name and reality, gathering constant rave reviews through experts and media outlets.

Source: Daum

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