Fans Defend ZB1’s Kim Ji-woong From Swearing Controversy, “Zeroses Will Protect You”

On the morning of February 6th, the hashtag “Zeroses will protect Kim Ji-woong” became a hot keyword on X (formerly Twitter).

Some fans of Zerobaseone’s fandom Zerose are trying to protect Kim Ji-woong. They shared the hashtag with messages, such as “We believe in Ji-woong”, “The company already sued that person, so we’ll cheer for him until the result is announced. I’ll look forward to the performances of Ji-woong”, etc. Some other fans commented, “A real Zerose should love all 9 members. We don’t need Zeroses who don’t love all members”.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong

Ever since the controversy over swearing at a fan during a fansigning event broke out on February 2nd, the issue is still in debate. ZB1 fan A previously released a video showing her fancall with Kim Ji-woong. The male idol shocked everyone when he spitted out two swearing words when the screen got dark at the end of the conversation with A.

A released the video and said, “Do you often swear at fans after talking to them? I’m not sure if it is considered normal. I wonder how other Zeroses think”.

In this regard, ZB1’s agency Wake One denied the allegation, saying they already confirmed this with staff and interpreters at the scene. The company also announced their plan to take action to prevent the spread of false information.

After that, A made another post on the 3rd, saying “I watched the video again and I still don’t know why that member did it to me. I’m very upset”, adding “I read the articles about the testimonies of staff this morning. It was a fan-signing event a week ago. How can they release an official position based on the staff’s memories only?”.

Source: Daum

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