Fans are pouring out complaints about NewJeans’s outfits, “Are the stylists antis? What kind of fashion is that?”

Fans recently complained about NewJeans’s outfits not keeping up with the girls’ visuals and even raised rumors of their stylists being antis. 

NewJeans appeared at the airport leaving to attend the K-CON concert in Japan on October 14th. Arriving at the departure hall early in the morning, the girls posed in perfectly coordinated manners in front of reporters’ cameras. As NewJeans stylists were too greedy to style the members with all sponsored items, they made the members wear too many items, from hats to skirts and wide pants, as if they were showcasing all the items in a clothing store. These airport fashions eventually covered the girls’ individualities and NewJeans was literally like dolls, except for their flawless faces.


NewJeans’s outfits when attending a beverage brand’s event on October 21st were also pointed out as a lack of fashion sense. Both Danielle and Minji showed up in knit clothes of different colors as if they were comparing who was prettier in similar outfits. All the members, except for Minji, were styled in hats in different colors and patterns but with the same design. While other members wore long boots and ankle boots to match the autumn vibe, Hyein was the only one in sandals that even revealed her toes.


Gen-Z fandoms, which consist of those growing up in an environment where smartphones and computers have already been widely distributed, actively express opinions toward their favorite artists and boldly criticize things that they are disappointed with. The reactions of these fans are sometimes reflected when the agencies consider making decisions on new concepts for their artists. Everyone is looking forward to how the fashion of NewJeans members with doll-like visuals will change in the future after continuous complaints from fans.


Meanwhile, NewJeans’s debut song “Hype Boy” was revealed to rank No.56 and No.93 on the Billboard Global (Excl. U.S.) chart and Global 200 chart, respectively, according to Billboard’s latest chart release. With the other title track “Attention” ranking No.125 in Billboard Global (Excl. U.S.), NewJeans has successfully charted for 12 consecutive weeks, proving themselves as famous rookie stars. 

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