Fan Won Lotto Thanks To Numbers Given By A Girl Group Member

A fan won third place in the lotto draw last weekend after asking TRI.BE’s leader Songsun for random numbers

On April 14th, a conversation between TRI.BE’s Songsun and a fan spread widely in Korean online communities, such as FMKorea.

Accordingly, the fan asked Songsun, “I’m going to buy a lotto, please give me some numbers”. Songsun responded by picking several numbers such as 36, 23, 7, 12, 32, 6, 28.

TRI.BE Songsun

In fact, the Lotto normally has 6 winning numbers, so it looked like Songsun didn’t really understand Lotto because she picked 7 numbers.

However, the result of the 1115th Lotto draw on April 13th showed Songsun guessing all the numbers correctly except for 34, the first prize winning number. In fact, adding 6 and 28 Songsun wrote at the end of her comment could give a result of exactly 34.


It turned out that Songsun guessed 5 numbers and the sum of the last two numbers correctly. That seems to be the reason why the female idol gave 7 numbers. The fan who bought two lotto tickets with Songsun’s numbers released a screenshot of winning third place. It also revealed that the jackpot was 2.9 million won.

The fan who failed to consider the last 2 numbers and missed the jackpot must have felt a little regretful. Still, thanks to the golden hands of Songsun, the fan still won third place.

In response to the story, netizens commented, “I’ll become her fan”, “Isn’t she a ghost?”, “I’ll be her fan from today”, etc.

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