Famous Korean rapper worked at a restaurant for 5 years due to his parents’ scamming scandal

This rapper is gradually paying off his parents’ debts while trying to make a comeback in showbiz.

In 2018, the parents of rapper Microdot were sentenced to prison for scamming 400 million won and fleeing without paying off their debt. The scandal seriously tarnished the reputation of the South Korean rapper, leading him to withdraw from the entertainment industry ever since.

On September 8th, Microdot made his first public appearance at Seoul Fashion Week. He also shared his current life situation on “Exclusive World.” Over the past few years, he has been working at a restaurant to earn money to pay off his parents’ debts. He said, “I haven’t been active for 5 years. Working at the restaurant is my only source of income. On average, I work more than 12 hours a day, doing tasks like grilling meat, washing dishes, cooking, and cleaning the restroom. I usually finish work around 1-2 in the morning.”


Microdot shared that he has reached compensation agreements with 12 out of the total 13 victims and continues to search for the remaining one. The 29-year-old rapper deeply apologized to his parents’ victims and expressed gratitude to those who have supported him. Microdot pledged to repay the victims with a larger sum than initially agreed upon to account for inflation.


Despite facing many hardships in life, Microdot is still determined and hopes to return to the entertainment industry, saying, “I am trying my best to resolve this issue, and I am also ready to accept criticism in the future. I know that everything is not easy. However, I want to achieve my dream of returning to the stage and performing in front of a Korean audience once again. I can’t give up on that dream.”

Source: k14

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