Famous Actress Recalls Hardship During Past Pregnancy, “I Was Verbally Abused By Musical Staff”

Musical actress Cha Ji-yeon revealed her unpleasant experience during her pregnancy in the past

Channel A’s “Best Friend Talkumentary Table For Four” broadcast on December 11th showed musical Jung Young-joo with 30 years of experience inviting Nam Kyung-joo, Choi Jung-won and Cha Ji-yeon to her home party to share various stories.

In particular, Cha Ji-yeon drew attention as she recalled the abusive remarks she had to hear during her pregnancy and felt sorry for her child. Cha Ji-yeon married fellow actor Yoon Eun-chae, who is four years younger than her, in 2015 and gave birth to their son in the following year.

She said, “I got pregnant in early 2016 and continued performing until the 7th month of my pregnancy.” Surprised by the story, Nam Kyung-joo said, “You got pregnant for 7 and a half months but your belly didn’t show?”. Cha Ji-yeon replied, “It did show very clearly. I wore compression stockings and continued the performances”. Nam Kyung-joo reacted, “I heard this for the first time”.

Cha Ji-yeon continued, “I was very careful and tried to not get pregnant before the performances began. But the child came to us. It’s the will of heaven. My husband and I couldn’t do anything about it”, adding “At that time, I already promised to do the project in casual shoes and I shared the news of my pregnancy with the staff. Normally, it would have been very nice if that person said ‘Congratulations’ first, but they just asked me, ‘What are you doing? You are no longer a middle or high school student?’. I was so shocked when I heard that I even had to say, ‘I will never cause damage to the team and will let anyone know I’m pregnant, so don’t worry’”.

After many twists and turns, Cha Ji-yeon started doing performances during her pregnancy. However, she had a hard time due to problems related to her stomach and hormones. She confessed, “In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones made me feel sleepy and I cried a lot. I suddenly cried while sitting in the practice room”, adding “I ran around more because I didn’t want anyone to notice that I had a baby. I suffered uterine contractions and cried alone backstage, saying ‘Mom is so sorry’”.

Cha Ji-yeon, who even pulled off scenes using wire devices, shared, “Until the performance ended, I didn’t tell anyone about my pregnancy. I tried to not cause damage to anyone so I felt very lonely. Thinking about the musical ‘Wicked’ made me feel upset. Even now, my son is enduring well inside my stomach”.

Source: Daum

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