“Squid Game 2” Rookie Actress Confirmed to be Co-star with Kim Soo-hyun in New K-drama?

Kim Si-eun, a rookie actress in “Squid Game 2”, has been confirmed as the female lead a new K-drama starring Kim Soo-hyun.

According to media site OSEN on April 1, Kim Si-eun has recently been decided as the female lead in the new K-drama “Knock Off” (tentative title), playing a character who will closely interact with Kim Soo-hyun’s character.

“Knock Off” is a black comedy K-drama that depicts various stories based on fake luxury goods. Kim Soo-hyun, who is currently drawing massive attention with “Queen of Tears”, is positively considering to star as the male lead.

kim si eun

Furthermore, director Park Hyun-seok, known for dramas like “The Princess’s Man”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, and “Stranger 2” will direct the series. Screenwriter Han Jung-hoon, known for works like “Bad Guys”, “Squad 38”, and “Song of the Bandits” will be in charge of the script. The two have previously teamed up in Netflix series “Song of the Bandits”.

On the other hand, Kim Si-eun gained attention when the film “Next Sohee” (2022) – where she assumed her first leading role, was selected as the closing film of the 75th Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week, becoming known as the “Star of Cannes”. 

She has been invited to numerous international film festivals, winning awards such as Best New Actress at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, Best New Actress at the 43rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, and Best New Actress at the 32nd Buil Film Awards, earning her the title of “Newcomer Triple Crown” and rising star. 

kim si eun

Additionally, Kim Si-eun has built her filmography by portraying various youth characters in works like MBC’s “Special Labor Inspector”, JTBC’s “Run On”, tvN’s “Mental Coach Jegal”, and the film “You and I”. She will also appear in this year’s highly anticipated Netflix global hit “Squid Game 2”.

With the addition of rising star Kim Si-eun joining alongside top star Kim Soo-hyun, attention towards “Knock Off” is increasing.

Source: Daum

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