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Famous actor who worked part-time with Ryu Seung Ryong at a bidet factory

Actor Yoo Hae Jin will tell anecdotes about his days in the acting troupe on “You Quiz on the Block”.

In episode 168 of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block“, which is scheduled to air today (Nov 16th), actor Yoo Hae Jin, wrestler Jung Yoon, film director Oh Se Yeon and Dr. Lee Bum Sik will appear as guests.

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On this day, Yoo Hae Jin will reveal an anecdote about working part-time at a bidet factory with Ryu Seung Ryong when he was in the acting troupe.

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The video pre-released before the broadcast contained the story. When Yoo Jae Suk asked “Did you work part-time with actor Ryu Seung Ryong when you were in the acting troupe?“, Yoo Hae Jin replied, “I was hungry and went to a bakery to buy bread. A gentleman in a coat asked me if I wanted to work part-time.

yoo hae jin you quiz on the block

At that time, Yoo Hae Jin was offered a job at a bidet factory.

He recalled, “The salary was fine, so I told the gentleman, ‘Can I bring a friend?’ I asked Ryu Seung Ryong and he agreed, so we worked part-time together.

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