“Family violence from stepfather, mother’s death just before debut”… Lee Soo-young’s war-like family history

Singer Lee Soo-young, who seems to have walked only on a colorful and beautiful flower path, had a dark and bitter scar. Lee Soo-young confessed her difficult family history during childhood days, creating a sense of pity.

Singer Lee Soo-young appeared on Channel A’s entertainment show “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on July 29th.

On this day, Dr. Oh Eun-young talked about Lee Soo-young, who feels stage fright, “There are people who are comfortable when they leave the stage, but they seem to have anxiety and tension in their daily lives.” In the meantime, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked about the sense of crisis and difficulties Lee Soo-young experienced in her life. Lee Soo-young said, “My parents died when I was at a very young age (9 years old). I remember always taking care of my younger siblings’ meals and cleaning the house with the youngest sibling on my back.”

When asked about the “most terrifying moment of her life”, Lee Soo-young shed tears, confessing, “It was the moment when I got a call saying that my parents had an accident. I couldn’t go to the funeral hall for a while.”

Oh Eun-young comforted, “Soo-young seems to have lived like a ‘war orphan’. It seems that surviving like a war orphan itself was a life of guilt. I wonder how hard it must have been.” In the meantime, Oh Eun-young pointed out that Lee Soo-young has an “adult separation anxiety tendency” that she cannot bear to be separated from the object she is attached to. Regarding this, Lee Soo-young revealed an anecdote in which she was nervous when she could not contact her husband for a while. She portrayed the worst situation of getting a phone call from the hospital and thought that an accident occurred.

Oh Eun-young said, “If I were Lee Soo-young’s mother, I’d say, ‘My eldest daughter, my daughter, who became a great source of energy in my life. You suffered a lot because of your young and immature mother. I really want to say thank you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.’” Upon hearing this, Lee Soo-young sobbed, moving viewers to tears.

This is not the end of Lee Soo-young’s hardships. She also confessed that she suffered family violence as a child. When appearing on an entertainment program last year, she shed tears as she revealed an anecdote of receiving family violence from her stepfather.

Lee Soo-young said, “There’s an incident that still remains a trauma. My stepfather wrote English in the whole paper and taught us grammar. I was the eldest and studied well, so I endured it, but my youngest sibling was too young to keep up.”

She continued, “The next day, when I returned home from school, my stepfather was stepping on my younger brother. At that time, I was only a freshman in high school, so I had no strength. He screamed, cried, peed and collapsed. It was difficult because so many incidents happened every day that I can’t list all of them.”

The background of a star that we thought would be glamorous. However, the reality was completely different. She got to her current position with pain and wounds as the driving force.

Lee Soo-young solved the wounds of family violence through music. She is now living another life as a mother of one child. As her courageous confession rose to the surface, the public poured out a wave of support and prayed for her future moves.

Source: daum

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