Family members’ reaction to Barbie Hsu’s remarriage to DJ Koo, “Her children had known in advance, everyone is happy with the news”.

It is reported that family members of Taiwanese top star Barbie Hsu are all happy with the news of her remarriage to Clon’s “DJ Koo” Koo Jun-yup.

On March 8th, the Taiwanese media ET Today reported the reaction of Barbie Hsu’s family to the actress’s remarriage announcement. Accordingly, Barbie Hsu’s 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son had known about their mother’s remarriage in advance. Barbie Hsu’s manager said, “Everyone is happy”. The manager added, “All family members consider Barbie’s remarriage a blessing”.

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

Until today (March 9th), the public and media in both Korea and Taiwan are still showing great interest in the marriage of Koo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu.

Koo Jun-yup reportedly arrived in Taiwan on March 9th (Korea Standard Time). Taiwanese entertainment media reported that Koo Jun-yup entered Taoyuan Airport on Asiana Airlines’ OZ711 earlier on this day. He boarded the vehicle in accordance with the guidance of local medical staff in protective clothing to keep the safety from Covid-19. 

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

Koo Jun-yup appeared at the airport wearing a simple khaki long jumper and a hat. After going through a period of quarantine at a hotel in downtown Taipei for the next 10 days, Koo Jun-yup will meet his wife Barbie Hsu and her family to discuss plans for their future marriage and raising children.

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