“Family” Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra discover each other’s shocking identities after 10 years of marriage

tvN’s drama “Family” Do Hoon (Jang Hyuk) and Yu Ra (Jang Na Ra) begin to investigate each other’s backgrounds.

On May 15th, the production team of “Family” released new still cuts before airing episode 9. The photos show Kwon Do Hoon (Jang Hyuk) and Kang Yu Ra (Jang Na Ra) investigating each other’s true identity despite having been married for 10 years.

In episode 8 released last week, Kwon Do Hoon, a black agent of the National Intelligence Service, and Kang Yu Ra, a ‘killer’ wife, surprised viewers as they faced a common target for different reasons.

jang na ra

Do Hoon accepted Yu Ra’s condition that her ‘killer’ colleague Jo Tae Goo (Kim Nam Hee) would not interfere with the Kwon Family, and targeted Butterfly (Lee Mi Sook), an original member of the association as instructed by his superior.

Viewers are curious about how the two people, who had never even suspected each other’s shocking identities while living as a married couple for 10 years, will react after discovering the hidden secrets that they have been concealed from each other, and what turning point Do Hoon & Yu Ra Couple will face in the future.

jang na ra

The released still cuts for episode 9 unveil the scenes where Do Hoon and Yu Ra have started investigating each other.

Do Hoon searches for the rooftop where Yu Ra stood on the other side of the building where he carried out his operation with weapons. He appears to be tracking her movements and whereabouts on that day. His serious expressions and eyes reveal that he is in deep thought.

Attention is focused on whether Do Hoon would find out that Yu Ra used to be a killer in the past and she was even involved in the association he is investigating.

jang hyuk

The other still cut captures the moment when Yu Ra confronts Tae Goo. Tae Goo hands her some documents but Yu Ra shows an angry expression, raising the tension. This raises viewers’ curiosity about the documents that Yu Ra has received from Tae Goo.

As Do Hoon, a ‘black agent’ husband who must protect the nation, and Yu Ra, a ‘killer’ wife who has to protect her family, learn about each other’s true identities, many people are looking forward to seeing whether the two will become enemies or allies.

Episode 9 will air at 8:40 p.m. on the same day.

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