Facing 3 years in prison, Yang Hyun made his final statement, “I trained singers for 27 years, I reflected deeply” 

Former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk appealed by reciting his past works.

In his final statement, former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, “I have faithfully participated in the trial for the past three years. The contents of the public reports are not true.”

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He then appealed by reciting his works. He said, “I trained junior singers for 27 years. Starting with One Time and Jinusean in 1997, I have nurtured numerous singers such as Big Bang, 2NE1, Akdong Musician. I worked as the executive producer of BLACKPINK. Currently, there are singers who are not affiliated with YG, but I have never heard of them being disadvantaged by YG.”

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He continued, “It has been a long time since everything stopped for three years, after being investigated by the police and prosecutors, and being tried. I’m sorry to the fans. K-pop is gaining popularity around the world and raising Korea’s status. Please make a wise decision so that I can add even my small and insignificant power to help it grow.”

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Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk was handed over to trial on charges of conciliating and threatening Han Seo Hee, who accused former iKON’s B.I of purchasing drugs, to change her statement to the police.

Yang has consistently taken the position that “it is not true” about the allegations listed in the indictment. At the 12th hearing held on November 1st, he also denied all charges.

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Han Seo Hee asserts that Yang threatened her by saying, “Revoke your statement. I will grant you a reward” and “It is not even a problem to kill someone like you in the entertainment industry.” Yang denied this, saying he was conveying comfort and concern to Han Seo Hee instead.

Meanwhile, former iKON’s B.I was indicted on charges of purchasing drugs such as LSD and cannabis through Han Seo Hee in 2016 and inhaling some of them several times. Neither the prosecutor nor B.I appealed, so the verdict was confirmed.  B.I later left iKON and YG.

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