After “paying the penalty of fame”, Kim Seon-ho “goes with the flow” by resuming activities

The public’s evaluation of celebrities greatly depends on whether they showed sincerity or whether they lied because they were busy hiding their mistakes.

◆ Confirming to appear on director Park Hoon-jung’s new work “Sad Tropical”, which will start filming on Dec 10

People whose names are widely known to the public are often said to “become a hit/become famous”, but this expression is misused. “Fame (有名稅)” is a Chinese character having the suffix “稅”, which contains the meaning of tax, rather than the suffix “勢”, which means momentum. This term is used to compare difficulties or inconveniences caused by popularity to tax. The word “fame” should be used in the sense of “to pay the penalty of fame”.

Stars become famous thanks to public interest and love. Of course, responsibilities and duties are required accordingly. Wrong words and actions are often followed by reprimands. The more you have, enjoy and become famous, the more careful you have to be with what you say and do. Celebrities who are called popular stars are living with this kind of fame that ordinary people do not have to pay.

Kim Seon-ho resume activities
Stars who become famous thanks to public interest and love are also required to take responsibilities and duties accordingly. Wrong words and actions are often followed by reprimands. Kim Seon-ho showed his sincerity by bowing his head first with a sincere apology rather than an excuse, even in a desperate situation where he would lose everything.

◆ “Random revelation” that hides the truth vs “Honest apology” rather than excuses.

On the 17th of last month, actor Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in a controversy over his private life, including allegations of him forcing his ex-girlfriend A to have an abortion under the pretense of marriage. A claimed, “I was urged to have an abortion after getting pregnant while dating Kim Seon-ho, and he suddenly broke up with me despite having promised to marry me.” It was a shocking revelation about an actor who was in the midst of popularity.

The accusation destroyed the image of a pure young man the actor built in the drama “Hometown Chachacha,” which quickly led to unfavorable consequences such as cancellation of his CF contracts. Despite the desperate situation in which he lost everything, Kim Seon-ho made an honest apology rather than an excuse. “I dated her with good feelings. I hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behavior. I want to meet her in person and apologize.”

One that hid the truth and hurt someone with her accusation is likely to face consequences. As third parties, the two’s acquaintances, stepped in the battle to find the truth, the true identity of ex-girlfriend A begins to come off one by one. In particular, the testimony of A’s ex-husband that she used to cheated on him with three men at the same time became a turning point.

Kim Seon-ho resume activities
Kim Seon-ho, who was involved in a controversy over his private life, recently confirmed his appearance in director Park Hoon-jung’s new film “Sad Tropical”. This picture was taken when Kim Seon-ho was having a photo time with his fellow actors at the press conference of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “100 Days My Prince”.

◆ Paying back the “public’s encouraging gazes” with his great acting as much as the recognition he received

Staff who worked with Kim Seon-ho also joined by mentioning the actor’s personality. After that, A belatedly deleted her first disclosure, saying “I received an apology directly from him. There were misunderstandings between us.” However, Kim Seon-ho already lost so many things. He eventually dropped out of KBS2’s entertainment program “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” and also two movies “Dog Days” and “2 O’Clock Date”, which were supposed to be his upcoming films.

Kim Seon-ho resume activities

Kim Seon-ho recently confirmed his appearance in director Park Hoon-jung’s new movie “Sad Tropical”. This film is produced by Geumwol film company and co-produced by Studio&New. The filming will begin on the 10th of next month. This is Kim Seon-ho’s first project after suffering from the ‘private life’ scandal. The viewers may have different opinions, but many people are encouraging Kim Seon-ho’s return after struggling with the controversies.

Dating and breakup between a man and a woman can always lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. However, in the case of celebrities, things also depend on whether they act cheaply and meanly against the public’s eyes or change their words and tell lies to hide their mistakes. Kim Seon-ho’s opportunity for a turnaround based on his honesty and his resuming activities also seems to be approved by the public. As much as he has become famous, people hope that he will pay them back with better performances.

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