Kim Seon-ho might be replaced as he hasn’t signed the contract for his 3 upcoming movies

As actor Kim Seon-ho officially apologized for his controversial action towards his ex-girlfriend, the public’s attention is now focused on how his next 3 movies would be.

Kim Seon-ho said through his agency on Oct 20th, “I met her with good feelings. However, in the process, I hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behavior,” he said. He finally admitted that he was the “popular actor K” in the article posted by his ex-girlfriend A through an online community’s bulletin board.

Kim Seon-ho said, “I wanted to meet her in person and apologize first, but now I still haven’t had the chance to deliver a proper apology and I’m waiting for that time,” adding, “But first, I want to sincerely apologize to her through this article.” As Kim Seon-ho officially acknowledged and apologized for the scandal regarding his ex-girlfriend, his next works are on alert.

Initially, Kim Seon-ho planned to make his movie debut in November with director Park Hoon-jung’s “Sad Tropical”. After filming director Kim Deok-min’s omnibus film “Dog Days” in December, he is scheduled to appear with Im Yoon-ah in the romantic comedy “2 O’Clock Date” directed by the director of “Exit”, Lee Sang-geun, in March next year.

Kim Seon-ho

However, due to the recent issue regarding Kim Seon-ho’s private life, his appearance in all 3 aforementioned works has become unclear. According to Star News, Kim Seon-ho has not signed any contracts for these films yet. His current controversy seems to have emerged while he was making the final appearance fee adjustments.

The most anxious team right now must be director Park Hoon-jung’s “Sad Tropical”. Since it is planned to start filming in mid-November, it is not easy to replace an actor or postpone filming. The “Sad Tropical” staff is planning to hold a final meeting soon to decide whether to replace Kim Seon-ho with another actor or push ahead with filming due to the characteristics of the role.

Kim Seon-ho

“Dog Days”, which was scheduled to start filming in December, will organize an internal meeting while they are leaning towards the choice of replacing Kim Seon-ho. As “Dog Days” is an omnibus film, it is impossible to postpone filming due to other actors’ schedules, so the discussion will be conducted on the basis of finding a replacement actor.

“2 O’Clock Date” is scheduled to be filmed in March next year, so there is still time. Since “2 O’Clock Date” is a romantic comedy, internal discussions have begun with the emphasis on replacing Kim Seon-ho.

According to the production companies’ policies, Kim Seon-ho’s side is said to follow their decisions.

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