Lee Sung-kyung boasts “crazy body ratio” in slippers

Model-turned-actress Lee Sung-kyung boasted her golden body ratio.

On August 2nd, Lee Sung-kyung posted several photos along with a flower emoticon on her Instagram.

In the photos, Lee Sung-kyung is posing for the camera while wearing comfortable shoes without heels. She showed off her extra-long legs, drawing attention.

Although the actress has slender arms and legs, she aroused envy by showing her healthy beauty.

Lee Sung-kyung flaunted her doll-like beauty in a photo and received enthusiastic reactions from fans. In response to Lee Sung-kyung’s picture, Korean and overseas fans commented, “Aren’t they too beautiful? Your face and body proportion”, “What’s with that long legs? Is this a scam?”, “Her upper body is so elegant. As expected from a model”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-kyung confirmed her appearance in the new drama “Tell Me It’s Love”.

Source: naver

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