Hottest moments of idols sharing an accidental peck: Mina and Momo turned red because of Sana, Lay and Sehun’s moment went into history (ft. D.O’s expression)

The unique challenges gave birth to some of the most well-known kisses between idols. 

BTS TWICE thumbnail
Fans are excited to see K-pop idols participating in unique challenges. (Image: Pinterest) 

At a TWICE fansign, Mina and Momo played a pocky game when suddenly Sana came to do some mischief that they two female idols almost shared a kiss. The sudden change of situation caused them to be shocked. 

twice mina momo sana pocky game kiss
Mina and Momo played a pocky game. (Image: TikTok @_iens.zy)
twice mina momo sana pocky game kiss
Sana pulled their legs, making Mina and Momo almost kiss. (Image: TikTok @_iens.zy)
twice thumbnail
TWICE members are known for their skinship in front of the audience. (Image: Kpopping) 

 Also in a pocky game, Sua and Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) shared a kiss this time without the need of a prankster. Much to their effort, they ended up kissing, making both of them on their knees in desperation. 

dreamcatcher sua siyeon pockygame kiss
Sua and Siyeon also played a pocky game. (Image: Dispatch)
dreamcatcher sua siyeon pockygame kiss
The two idols kissed at a tv program. (Image: Dispatch) 

Lay and Sehun (EXO) once had a “sweet” accidental kiss in the same game. While they wanted to keep their timing short by eating at a fast pace, they unconsciously touched lips, and the sight of D.O. witnessing the scene became an “legendary” expression. 

exo sehun lay kiss
Lay and Sehun caught fans off-guard by sharing a “kiss”. (Image: YouTube KungFuPandaTao)
exo d.o sehun lay kiss
D.O.’s famous expression made everyone burst into laughter. (Image: YouTube KungFuPandaTao)

In a game where members had to pass a note around with their mouth, iKON also stumbled across an embarrassing situation. When Jinhwa was passing the note, it felt and led to his accidentally kissing Donghyuk. They could not hide their shock afterwards. 

ikon jinhwa donghyuk kiss
Jinhwa accidentally dropped the note and shared a peck with Donghyuk. (Image: YouTube iKON)

GOT7 also faced a similar irony where, for a split second, Jackson dropped the piece of paper and gave JayB a peck. 

got7 jackson jay b kiss
Two idols shared a kiss when the paper felt out of the way. (Image: TikTok @_iens.zy)

At M Countdown, BTS had a sharing session and talked with their fans. Jin asked J-Hope about “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” that the idol mentioned in the lyrics for their song “DNA”. J-Hope replied: “You were born with a handsome DNA at birth”. 

bts j-hope jin kiss
BTS talked to each other in M Countdown. (Image: YouTube M Countdown)

The answer made Jin so proud that he proceeded to give J-Hope a hug. The quick movement led to them almost kissing. J-Hope explained they just touched their chin to clear the air. 

bts j-hope jin kiss
Jin liked J-Hope’s answer so he was quick to give his member a hug. (Image: YouTube M Countdown)
bts j-hope jin kiss
Two of them were confused and quickly explained the situation. (Image: YouTube M Countdown)

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