EXO Suho Shares Thoughts on Resolved CBX’s Conflict with SM: “Members United, No Issues with Comeback”

EXO Suho discussed his musical “Mozart!” and shared thoughts on the resolution of conflicts between CBX and SM Entertainment.

On June 20th, EXO Suho attended a press call for the musical “Mozart!” held in Seoul. He briefly expressed his thoughts on the conflicts and resolution between EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin, and SM Entertainment, “We have reconciled well and are preparing without any problems to show a good image to our fans.”


Recently, EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin (CBX) notified SM of their intention to terminate their exclusive contracts, citing the non-disclosure of financial statements and slave contracts. SM responded by stating that the exclusive contracts were already legally recognized by the Supreme Court in 2018, but the members expressed their differing opinions.

Subsequently, SM and CBX issued a joint statement, “We have had sufficient time to discuss all the issues candidly. We were able to resolve the misunderstandings that arose due to miscommunication and reach a mutual agreement.”

EXO is making a comeback on July 10th, marking their first full-group comeback in about 5 years. 

In the meantime, Suho has been cast in the role of Wolfgang Mozart, a genius composer longing for freedom, alongside musical actor Lee Hae Joon, N.Flying’s Yoo Hwe Seung, and trot singer Kim Hee Jae.

Music director Kim Moon Jung commented, “I have confidence that Suho is an actor who is improving day by day, and he is actually showing that.


He continued, “Suho has more affection for this work than any other. He asks a lot of questions, practices a lot, and works with enthusiasm in the preparation process. I compliment him for that.”

Suho shared, “Mozart is a genius, and I am not a genius, so there was no immediate connection. However, fundamentally, we share a love for music. I sympathized with the parts where I am immersed in music, and when I listen to music, I feel excited and want to dance.”

Regarding his favorite scene, Suho revealed, “Everything is good, but the scene where I confess to my father at the end, ‘Why don’t you love me?’ That scene is relatable not only to geniuses but also to all ordinary people. I think it can touch many people’s hearts. Whenever I sing that part, I feel it deeply in my heart.


The musical “Mozart!” depicts the inner struggles of Wolfgang Mozart, who was born with the destiny of a genius musician but yearns to be a free human being. 

Since its premiere in Vienna, Austria in 1999, the musical has been performed in 10 different countries, including Germany, Sweden, China, Japan, Hungary, and Belgium, in eight different languages. It has had more than 2,400 performances and has been watched by over 2.5 million people, becoming a long-running hit musical.

Source: daum

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