Ex-T-ARA Han Ah Reum is pregnant again, seems to be happy with her husband who she once insulted on TV

Former T-ARA member Han Ah Reum, who is pregnant with her second child after overcoming the crisis of divorce, is living happily.

On July 18th, Han Ah Reum revealed her family’s daily life on her personal Instagram story, which showed the former idol, her husband, and children all playing in the water park.

Han Ah Reum married her current husband, businessman Kim Young Gul, back in 2019. The couple got married in October 2019 after Han Ah Reum got pregnant, and their first son was born in May 2020.

Recently, however, the couple appeared on TVING’s original show “Between Marriage and Divorce”, where Han Ah Reum expressed regrets over her constant conflict with her husband. According to the former T-ARA member, her husband would often ignore her, causing Ah Reum to not want to see him from time to time and even thought “Why did I get married”.

han ah reum

Fortunately, the couple was able to talk things out instead of divorce, and got couple counseling. Ah Reum even announced that she is pregnant with their 2nd child, and said to her husband: “I hope we can live in harmony with each other and understand each other better. Let’s not fight.”

Recalling her previous sharings, Ah Reum said: “Upon watching the broadcast, we realized a lot of things while watching each other, and reflected on ourselves. I’m so glad that we can reach this result and that things will remain a happy memory, and I think I will be able to live well in the future.”

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