Ex-T-ara Areum reportedly broke up with boyfriend “Couple photos deleted”

Former T-ara member Areum has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend

On April 19th, a media outlet reported that Areum and her boyfriend, A, have parted ways. The media outlet added, “Various suspicions and conflicts arose between Areum and A, leading them to choose to break up.” Currently, photos taken with A have been deleted from Areum’s SNS, and there are no traces of him to be found.

On the same day, Areum mentioned her breakup article. She stated, “Everything is fine, but I’ve never been interviewed, so please don’t write as if I did. I don’t do interviews of any kind.”


Furthermore, Areum, who celebrated her birthday on this day, said, “I miss (my children) to death. If only I could hold the children in my arms, everything would fall into place. I miss them today, especially. I believe in the time we spent together.”

Areum, who has two sons, announced her divorce and remarriage simultaneously in December last year. She exposed her ex-husband’s domestic violence and child abuse while also revealing her new beginning with A.

In particular, Areum said she was pregnant with A’s child and added, “We will register our marriage as soon as the lawsuit is over.

However, Areum was embroiled in suspicions that she and A had swindled over 40 million won from at least 10 fans and acquaintances. Suspicions were also raised that the reason Areum borrowed a large sum of money was due to sports gambling. However, Areum refuted “It was all done by the hacker” and she showed signs of distress, even attempting extreme measures during the process.

After recovering, Areum returned and recently opened her own channel on AfreecaTV, stating, “I didn’t gamble, and I’m not a swindler. The children were taken to a protection facility.

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