Ex-Apink Hong Yoo-kyung Flaunts Her Beauty In Wedding Photos

Former Apink member Hong Yoo-kyung expressed feelings about getting married

On October 14th, Hong Yoo-kyung posted several wedding photos on her SNS account, “This day became happier because many people congratulated me. To all the people who congratulated me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Finally, D-DAY!”.

Hong Yoo-kyung

The released pictures show Yoo-kyung wearing a pure white dress and smiling brightly with her hair tied up. Her elegance as a new bride attracts keen attention. 

Earlier on the 12th, Hong Yoo-kyung announced that she would hold her wedding on the 14th through a handwritten letter.

She continued, “I met the person whom I wanted to spend my whole life with. We will get married this Saturday”, adding, “I wanted to thank people who have followed me and cared about me, so I’m telling you this good news. I would appreciate it if you could continue showing support and love for my new beginning.”

Hong Yoo-kyung

Meanwhile, Hong Yoo-kyung debuted as a member of Apink in 2011 and participated in “I Don’t Know” and “My My” promotions. However, she suddenly left the group in 2013. Various rumors about discord between Apink members, but Yoo-kyung denied them all.

After leaving the group, Hong Yoo-kyung entered a fashion school and has been working as a designer since 2021.

Source: Wikitee

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