Even Black Pink cannot resist their own beauty at 2018 MMA

4 beautiful Black Pink members sitting next to each other did what? Beautiful girlsy praised each other for being beautiful.

Black Pink appeared at 2018 Melon Music Awards just recently. Although they have been in a lot of controversies, the visuals of the four girls are hard to deny. The 4 members, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and especially Rosé, have had a blast at MMA.

Let’s not talk about all the wardrope malfunction or discuss who is more beautiful than who, who is biased by the stylist more than who, who is treated better than who, let’s see what Black Pink said about each other. Fans are going crazy for their beauty, but it is the Black Pink girls who also cannot help being amazed by… the visuals of each other.

The fans had a zoom in the face of the Black Pink girls to see what they said to each other looking so happy and their eyes were sparkling… Then by reading their mouths, Korean fans have come to a conclusion:

It turns out that despite having lived together for 8 years and looking at each other every day, these beautiful girls can’t stop praising each other for their beauties in the house.

Jennie watched her sister Lisa and constantly exclaimed: “You are beautiful!”

Even Jennie also couldn’t resist and praise Lisa for being too beautiful!

After being praised by Jennie, Lisa immediately applies this compliment for Rosé which made her shy.

Lisa admired the beauty of Rosé.

Well, that’s it. While 4 beautiful girls sitting next to each other and were bored with nothing to do, they will praise each other with words like that.

This is Black Pink‘s reaction to seeing Jisoo and Rosé’s commercials shown at MMA 2018. They even laughed and teased each other.
Black Pink‘s reaction to Jisoo and Rosé’s advertising at the MMA Awards 2018.

The beauties of the 4 Black Pink girls that day …

… make the girls who lived together for 8 years also have to self-praise. They even found it shocking to look so beautiful by themselves from time to time!

Source: K14

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