Dyson suspended their ad sponsor for “Snowdrop”, industry loss regarding this drama is visualizing

The industry loss of JTBC drama “Snowdrop,” which has been embroiled in controversy over history distortion, seems to have begun.


On Dec 20th, Dyson Korea announced its decision to stop sending advertising sponsors for “Snowdrop.” Dyson Korea said in the announcement, “We have called off all of our plan for ‘Snowdrop’,” adding, “We took action immediately after recognizing the issue of the drama.”

Dyson Korea delivered the same statement to customers who have protested against the advertisers they see on “Snowdrop“. An official from Dyson Korea said, “It is true that we have withdrawn our advertising program.”


Snowdrop” began its first broadcast on Dec 18th. Since the release of its synopsis, the drama has been embroiled in controversy over distorting the democratization movements and history overall, sparking controversy.

As the public’s rage at “Snowdrop” continues, the list of companies that are carrying out advertisements, indirect promotions or product sponsorships, etc. with “Snowdrop” is being spread widely. While sharing the list of “Snowdrop” advertisers, some Internet users expressed their intention to boycott these brands.

snowdrop dyson

Since Dyson Korea has taken down advertisements after “Snowdrop” was aired, the “loss” in the advertising industry is becoming more visible. Dyson Korea signed an advertising contract with “Snowdrop” before but it seems like they will suspend all advertisement plans.

As the public’s opposition to the “Snowdrop” broadcast is getting stronger, there is a possibility that other companies will continue to stop advertising and sponsoring this drama.

Earlier, an official, who hired a protest truck demanding the suspension of “Snowdrop” broadcasting, said, “Just like the case of SBS’s drama “Joseon Exorcist”, which stopped airing due to the controversy over history distortion, we will continue voluntary movements, such as protesting against sponsors and advertisers.”

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