Drama Ratings During Lunar New Year Holiday: “Knight Flower” Maintains Top Spot, “Doctor Slump” Declines

Apart from “Knight Flower” and “Doctor Slump”, which aired normally, SBS’s “Flex X Cop”, KBS’s “Korea–Khitan War” and TV Chosun’s “My Happy End” canceled broadcasts, and “Captivating the King” released four episodes in three days.

In the weekend drama competition, “Knight Flower” and “Doctor Slump” received contradictory results. In particular, Park Shin-hye’s comeback drama “Doctor Slump”, which had been on the rise, suffered a plunge of 3% to 3.7% in the episode aired on February 10. This is also the lowest rating record throughout its broadcast.

Knight Flower-Doctor Slump

On the other hand, “Knight Flower”, starring Honey Lee, successfully maintained high ratings despite the holiday season. The drama achieved 11% in the February 9th broadcast and 12.9% in the new episode on the next day (February 10th). It was Honey Lee’s excellent performance transcending comic and seriousness that kept viewers in front of the screen even during the Lunar New Year holiday.

KBS’s Lunar New Year special drama, which was expected to be a strong rival to “Knight Flower”, could not reach a double-digit rating and had to be satisfied with the 8.3% result.

Aiming to fill the vacancy of dramas during the holiday week, “Captivating the King” released up to 4 episodes but this decision seems to lead to failure rather than success. The drama, which peaked at 6%, recorded only 4% in the broadcasts on the 9th and 10th. However, there is still hope that the rating will rise with the episode to air on the 11th. 

In the case of “Doctor Slump”, the 3% drop is considered a temporary decline and there is a high possibility that the rating will rise again after the holiday ends. As “Knight Flower” has nearly ended, “Doctor Slump” is expected to gain new viewers. As “Knight Flower” already surpassed the highest record of “My Dearest”, it is expected to also break the record of 13.7% set by “Big Mouth” (2022) in its last two episodes.

While “Knight Flower” is still dominating the rating chart for weekend dramas, attention is focused on how “Captivating the King” and “Doctor Slump” will overcome the crisis of the holiday season.

Source: Daum

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