Does Jisoo (Black Pink) usually search her name on google to read news about herself?

The answer may surprise you.

Many KPOP idols are stressed when they read hateful comments on the internet. This is the reason why many companies let rookies have little access to the Internet at the time of debut.

This is to understand how each malicious comment on the internet can affect young artists. Of course, the artist has the right to choose whether or not to access to the information. The case of Jisoo (Black Pink) is considered as a typical example.

Shared on a recent variety show, Jisoo was asked what she usually does when she goes online. This question hits the majority of idols, the ones who cannot stop looking for information related to themselves on the internet.

However, Jisoo is not. “I just look at the keywords that are prominent, people are interested in the day, but for my name, I do not often search for it. I just look for what I need and what I’m curious about.”

Source: TN

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