“No BTS today”… “BTS aftershock” continues at the White House

The global K-pop group BTS’ lingering feeling at the White House in the United States is not going away.

On May 31st (local time), BTS met U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House and made a surprise appearance at the White House press secretary’s regular briefing, creating a big topic.

President Biden unprecedentedly invited the pop group BTS to raise awareness about the ever-decreasing issue of anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States. Afterwards, BTS came up again during the briefing session at the White House on June 1st.


Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre began the briefing by saying, “No BTS today. But you do have KJP.” KJP is Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s name in the form of BTS. She added, “I prepared (to say KJP).”

She said this as a joke, but it seems that BTS’ visit to the briefing room the day before left a strong impression and attracted a lot of attention, so BTS was used as the subject matter. BTS was mentioned again. When a cell phone rang in the middle of the briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joked, “Is that BTS’ song?”


The briefing room, where BTS appeared the previous day, was filled with reporters three times as many as usual, and reporters at the White House were busy filming with their mobile phones. The briefing, which was broadcast live on the YouTube channel, attracted more than 300,000 people. Brian Deese, Director of the White House’s National Economic Council (NEC) who took the rostrum after BTS left the briefing room, joked, “Today I get to go home and tell my kids that BTS opened for me.”


Of course, fans gathered outside the White House to chant BTS. BTS had a private discussion with President Biden on the issue of anti-Asian hate crimes at the White House the day before. President Biden posted some scenes of welcoming them and talking to them in the Oval Office on his Twitter account late at night.


President Biden also uploaded a picture of him talking to BTS on Twitter during the day, saying, “Thanks for stopping by the White House.” BTS, which visited Washington DC on May 29th, departed for South Korea on June 1st.

Source: Dispatch

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