“Divorce Attorney Shin” ends on quiet note, “Taxi Driver Season 2” maintains heat toward its end

“Taxi Driver Season 2” maintains an all-time high rating during its course of airing. 

“Divorce Attorney Shin” was off to a great start with a viewership rating of 7,272% for its first episode, creating a new record for JTBC. Unfortunately, the drama could not maintain the heat for the next 11 episodes. The ratings for the following episodes were unstable. There were times the rating fell down under 5%. The drama series wrapped up with a 9.5% rating, an acceptable achievement for the series, though fans thought the series could have achieved more.

Divorce Attorney Shin

“Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” was also expected to be a hit with the return of “The Penthouse” writer Kim Soon Ok. However, after 10 episodes, the drama could only maintain a viewership rating of 4%. In contrast, KBS 2TV’s “The Real Has Come” reached a rating of more than 20%, twice, during its course of airing. The sixth episode of the series received an average rating of 20.1%, allowing the series to become the most-watched drama of the week. 


Pandora: Beneath the Paradise

The Real Has Come

The Real Has Come

Finally, SBS’s “Taxi Driver Season 2” continues its momentum. The drama series received an average viewership rating of 18.3%, remaining at an all-time high rating for the series itself. At the moment, the drama is gaining more attention as predicament for Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin) is gradually being unveiled. 

taxi driver2

Source: K14

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