After Blue Dragon Awards, director of “Semantic Error” uploaded a tear-jerking video of the cast

Director Kim Soo Jung – the person behind hit BL drama “Semantic Error”, posted an extremely touching video. 

On July 19th, the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards was held in Paradise City, Incheon. At the ceremony, Park Jae Chan and Park Seo Ham, who are the main cast members of the Watcha original series “Semantic Error”, were announced as winners of the Popularity Star Award. However, Park Seo Ham was not present since he was serving in the army. 

park seo ham

Upon receiving his award, Park Jae Chan said: “I’m bewildered at all the changes I have experienced within less than a year. I’m grateful to Seo Ham, who also won an award for ‘Semantic Error’, but was unable to attend.” 

On this day, director Kim Soo Jung, who produced the series, also rejoiced alongside the actors.  He later posted on Instagram a video of Park Jae Chan giving his award speech on stage, along with various footage of cast members – which were taken during the filming of “Semantic Error”.

park jae chan

Among those, a video of the cast filmed before “Semantic Error”’s premiere drew attention. 

In said video, the actors and staff are having a modest party after an internal preview of the drama before it first aired. They were sitting around a small table with a cake, crossing their hands and making a wish.

Here, director Kim Soo Jung said: “Make a wish. I hope everything goes well, I hope the production team and actors do well.”

park jae chan

“I’m desperate. Please let ‘Semantic Error’ be a success,” he said, before blowing out the candle. 

‘’Semantic Error” is a BL drama that showcases a homosexual romance between the main characters, which gained a lot of popularity with the public for its fresh charm. 

The series remained No.1 in the Top 10 most watched dramas of movie platform Watcha for nearly 3 months, and was later adapted into a theatrical version, with tickets sold out almost immediately during reservation. 

Former KNK member Park Seo Ham, who played one of the male leads, also impressed the audience for being album to film while preparing for his enlistment. 

Talking about the series, netizens on the Korean online community theqoo commented:

  • I never imagined it (Semantic Error) would turn out so well. It’s amazing to see the production crew and actors making wishes earnestly a few months ago
  • This (the video) is really touching
  • It’s warm and touching, everyone worked hard, so things work out well 
  • This must have meant a lot as the series was filmed during a really difficult time, so I’m glad it did well
  • I feel emotional because I can feel their earnestness. I sincerely hope things will only get better for them.
park jae chan

Meanwhile, the Blue Dragon Series Awards is Korea’s first award ceremony for OTT (Online Video Streaming Service) contents, which aims to honor domestic dramas and entertainment programs produced or invested by OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+, seezn, Apple TV+, Watcha, Wavve, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and TVING. 

Source: wikitree

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