Overcoming controversy, director Lee Joo Young of Suzy’s drama “Anna” won a Grand Bell award, “I want to thank my legal representative”

Director Lee Joo Young won Series Film Director Award at the 58th Grand Bell Award for the series “Anna” (director’s cut).

The 58th Grand Bell Award was held at Konkuk University’s New Millennium Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the evening of December 9th. 

At the award ceremony, director Lee Joo Young lifted the trophy in her arms as she was awarded the special award ‘Series Film Director Award’ for Coupang Play’s “Anna” (director’s cut). 


“Anna” drew attention as it showed Suzy’s amazing acting performance. However, the conflict between the production team and Coupang Play over the editing issue caused a stir. The controversy later ended with Coupang Play’s apology and promise to prevent recurrences.

Delivering her acceptance speech, director Lee Joo Young said, “The director’s cut of ‘Anna’ was shot last year within only 7 months. With the skills and the will of the staff and the actors, we decided to perform the difficult schedule. Due to an incident, I couldn’t do any interviews and talk about my actors and staff. I would like to thank Bae Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Jun Han for their three-dimensional acting, which is even better than the scenario. I would also like to thank our staff for finishing the race with all their might. The staff and the CEO of the production company also worked as hard as I did in the second half”.

lee joo young

She continued, “I want to thank my legal representative for helping me let the world know about the existence of ‘Anna’ director’s cut. I feel so strange”.

Lastly, director Lee said, “In fact, I think the director’s cut should be a ‘silent work’. I hope no more director’s cut has to be released to show the true value of the original version to the world. I also don’t want to suspect anyone again. I hope all creators continue to work hard without losing their will”, adding “I’m very grateful to receive this award. Thank you so much for acknowledging the meaning of my work”. 

The Grand Bell Award is hosted by The Motion Pictures Association of Korea, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Film Council. This is one of the most long-lasting film awards in Korea, but it took a hiatus for two years due to various controversies over fairness.

Source: Nate

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