“Did you watch Kim Yoo-jung’s work?”… Yeo Jin-goo “If I don’t watch it, I’ll be in trouble”

Actor Yeo Jin-goo boasted of his friendship with Kim Yoo-jung.

On Nov 9th, Star News released an interview with Yeo Jin-goo. Yeo Jin-goo’s movie “Ditto” is about to be released on Nov 16th.

“Ditto” depicts story of love and friendship that takes place when a man and woman living in different time periods communicate through a ham radio by chance.

Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo plays Kim Yong, a mechanical engineering student of class of 1995. Cho Yi-hyun takes on the role of Mu-nee, a sociology student of class of 2021.

What is interesting is that Kim Yoo-jung, who worked with Yeo Jin-goo in MBC’s drama “Moon Embracing the Sun”, also unfolded a romance against the backdrop of 1999, the end of the century, through Netflix’s “20th Century Girl”.

yeo jin goo kim yoo jung

Regarding this, Yeo Jin-goo said, “It’s really amazing that we both did romance projects related to the year 1999. All I can say is that it’s amazing. I watched Yoo-jung’s work. She did a great job.”

Kim Yoo-jung

He added, “If I don’t watch it, I’ll be in trouble. I’ll be scolded. Yoo-jung and I joked around calling each other by our roles’ names. We also talked about how we both are in projects set in 1999 and asked after each other.”

yeo jin goo kim yoo jung

Netizens showed reactions such as “Please let the two of them film a historical romantic comedy”, “Do either a historical drama or a modern drama”

Source: dispatch

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