Death Rumor Confirmed: Hong Kong Actress Kathy Chow Passes Away at 57

On December 12th (local time), Kathy Chow’s agency conveyed the news of her death through her official Weibo account. They delivered the heartbreaking news with a photo of Kathy Chow holding flowers.

Kathy Chow reportedly succumbed to illness and passed away. She had previously confessed on TV that her health had not been good since her teens due to a decrease in platelet count. 

Her agency expressed condolences, “In heaven, there is no illness, and we hope to meet again in the next life.”

On the day of Kathy Chow’s death, December 11th, rumors about her death spread rapidly on Weibo. Rumors such as ‘Kathy Chow had an accident at her residence in Beijing’ and ‘she fell into a coma during hospital treatment’ spread uncontrollably.

Local media contacted Kathy Chow’s agency, but the representatives refrained from providing explanations, ending the call abruptly. At that time, netizens were puzzled by the vague attitude of her agency.

With the sudden death of Kathy Chow, colleagues, friends, and netizens are all mourning and expressing condolences for the deceased.

Kathy Chow made her debut in the entertainment industry through the 1985 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. She gained popularity by appearing in dramas such as “The Breaking Point” and “Time Before Time.”

Source: daum

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