DAY6’s Jae confirmed to end his contract with JYP and leave the group

Fans of the JYP’s boyband receive bad news on the first day of 2022 when Jae is announced to leave the group.

On January 1, 2022, while fans were anticipating Dispatch’s dating reports, JYP broke sad news: DAY6’s Jae leaves the group. Specifically, JYP announces that Jae decided to withdraw from DAY6 from December 31, 2021 and terminate his exclusive contract with the company for personal reasons. The decision was made after both parties actively discussed and the company respected Jae’s stance.

DAY6 Jae leave the group

Jae’s departure from the group surprised many people, but some also felt it was only a matter of time and today, it officially happened.  The reason is because before that, Jae many times expressed his dissatisfaction and denounced the company’s unfair treatment among DAY6 members.  He even had to suspend group activities for a while because of an anxiety disorder.

DAY6 Jae leave the group

Fans expressed regret but also sympathized with Jae’s decision and harshly criticized JYP.

DAY6 Jae leave the group
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