Angelina Jolie meets Bibi Aisha, a survivor of the Taliban horrid torture, for an in-depth look into the abuse and rescue from within the Taliban regime 

Bibi Aisha shared her traumatic and painful past and how she broke away from the grip of death. 

Angelina Jolie joined in an interview with Bibi Aisha, who unveiled the reality of the plight of being an Afghan woman.


In a video posted on her social media on the 28th of last month (local time), Angelina Jolie shared how Aisha overcame the horrifying abuse brought about by her ex-husband under the Taliban rule.

When Aisha was 14, her father promised his daughter to marry a Taliban fighter to pay off a debt. As a result, Aisha was handed over to the family of the Taliban fighter, who later abused her and forced her to sleep in a stable with animals.


Aisha tried to escape but was caught, and her nose and ears were cut off by her husband as punishment. In her words, “They abused me every day. I didn’t have any rights.”

Aisha recounted, “My so-called husband came by and took me to the mountain. They tied my hands and my feet. And they cut my first ear, and then another ear and then my nose. And then he said, ‘We don’t care about you. We want to leave you here to die.’” 


She survived despite being left to dead in the mountains and was eventually taken to a U.S. military base. “I went to an American hospital and did my treatment for two and a half months, and they treated me like a family member. They saved my life. I spent nine months in a shelter. I had no idea what would happen to me. And suddenly TIME magazine came to me and took my picture. They opened the door for me.”

Earlier, Angelina Jolie met survivors in Iraq eight years after the ISIS attack, especially along with women’s rights activist Nadia Murad, who won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, to contribute to the recovery efforts.

Moreover, the actress reported cut off her relationship with the U.N., which she has maintained for more than 20 years. At the end of last year, Angelina Jolie and the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) issued a joint statement saying that she would step down as UN Special Envoy. According to a CBS News report, she was frustrated by the United Nations’ inability to bring peace to the troubled countries. 

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