Dawn’s status after breaking up with HyunA “There are more pros than cons, feeble vibe disappeared”

Singer Dawn recently shared his current status after breaking up with ex-girlfriend HyunA

On November 2nd, a video featuring singer Dawn was uploaded on Lee Yong-jin’s YouTube channel.

In the video, comedian Lee Yong-jin indirectly mentioned Dawn’s ex-girlfriend HyunA, “Is it okay to be active alone? In a way, there was always someone by your side.

Lee Yong-jin continued “Your energy has gone up. When I saw you, your energy got so good, and the feeble vibe disappeared“, indicating that Dawn had changed after the breakup. Dawn coolly acknowledged this.

Then, Lee Yong-jin asked Dawn about his current status after the breakup. 

Dawn added curiosity as he replied, “There are clearly pros and cons. So far, it seems like there are more pros.

He went on to say, “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot while I’m alone. It’s great.

On the other hand, Lee Yong-jin expressed concern about Dawn’s post-breakup state. He mentioned that there is a period after a breakup. For example, after feeling a sense of liberation, you may feel good for a while, but after that, you may start feeling empty, then a longing feeling kicks in.

Dawn refuted this concern with a smile, saying, “It doesn’t seem like that. It could be, but it doesn’t seem like that.

Meanwhile, Dawn began dating HyunA in 2016 and officially confirmed their relationship in 2018. However, the two broke up in December last year, marking the end of their six-year relationship.

Dawn suddenly announced his enlistment on October 12th.

Source: Nate

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