Park Eun-bin Is A Psychopathic Doctor This Time? “Consider Appearing In ‘Hyper Knife'”

Actress Park Eun-bin is considering “Hyper Knife” as her next project

On Dec 6th, Park Eun-bin’s agency Namoo Actors told Spotv News, “Park Eun-bin is considering appearing in ‘Hyper Knife’.”

“Hyper Knife” is a medical crime thriller drama that tells the story of a doctor and murderer reuniting with her teacher who caused her to fall into ruin. It is a new work by writer Kim Sun-hee, who wrote the “Quiz of God: Reboot” series.

park eun bin

The character Park Eun-bin might take on in the drama is a genius who is intelligent enough to enter medical school as the top student at the age of 17 but gets stripped of her medical license due to an incident involving her teacher. She is a psychopath who, despite being a genius, treats human lives lightly and is obsessed with brain.

The role of Professor Choi Deok-hee, the teacher who will interact with Park Eun-bin’s character, has been proposed to actor Sol Kyung-gu. He is currently considering the offer.

park eun bin

Park Eun-bin has been on a streak of hit dramas, including “Hot Stove League”, “Do You Like Brahms?”, “The King’s Affection”, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and the recently concluded “Castaway Diva”, establishing herself as a drama queen.

“Hyper Knife” is anticipated as it will showcase a character different from what Park Eun-bin has portrayed so far. Moreover, being Park Eun-bin’s first medical drama since her debut, expectations are high for her to present a new side of herself.

Source: Nate

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